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Traveling Paint Parties

Hi! Everyone!

I will be posing everything on my facebook page from now on.

It takes way to much time trying to keep them both updated.

Please hit the Facebook icon in upper left corner or go to

Thank you all for visiting, hope to see you on facebook.

I will eventually be closing this website.

It's been a while since I have updated my website! I have been so busy painting, I haven"t had much time to think!

New things are happening here at Cafe Of Colors! New ways to paint. New party deals etc.
Have a friend coming on board to help with all the demands of booking and painting!

Some of you may have heard of her, she's local,Karenann Layton of Barefoot Butterflies! The spray painting queen!

It's going to take a few months to revamp our studio and put some cool painting ideas in place. Please be patient 

Have a God Blessed Life and hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you,

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